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Did TB screen the questions?

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Why nothing's GNR related? Are there more band photos? Will another tour program come out? You forgot the 2 most important questions, alfie! What's her number and when is she free to go on a date with a hairy British-Iranian man?! If you wanna go out with her I guess you'll have to duke it out with Richard. Could you post the questions that were not approved? I guess we could find out real information from what it was not answered. They weren't hugely different, certainly nothing intrusive. It's great that Kat took the time to give this interview and overall I think it's pretty good.

It's not an interview officially endorsed by GNR which is why the questions probably appear soft.

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I've got to start somewhere and I'm just trying to generate new content for the site, hopefully in time it will pay off. In the meantime I hope anyone who is a keen photographer or a fan of Kat's work enjoys it for what it is. I liked the interview. It's not really GNR related other then she toured with them, but I like her photography.

It's a fun a read. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. Posted October 28, edited. Earlier this month I interviewed leading rock photographer Katarina Benzova. Kat has toured with and photographed many leading bands and artists including Guns N' Roses. Below she shares some of her thoughts about photography and working within the music industry.

Check out her website here for some amazing photos http: Did your interest in photography start early in life? What inspired you to make the leap from modeling to photography? I left Slovakia when I was 13 and started to travel. I didn't have a mobile phone or computer at that time, so the only way to tell stories from my travels when I got home were photographs.

I was doing modeling even after I started to shoot professionally. I had to quit when I didn't have any more time for it and wanted to fully concentrate on photography.

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Do you have a defining moment that you feel established your career as a photographer or is it something that's happened gradually? Your work captures some of the biggest names in the music industry.

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Have you always had a passion for rock music? Who are some of the artists that inspire you most? Rock music was never introduced to me by anyone when I was a kid. After she moved to LA things got even worse. Fed up with everything, she returned to her roots in Slovakia. After taking a few photos with her pocket camera, she posted them on her Facebook page. The photos were so good that members of the band noticed. Katarina got personally invited by the band members to the following show in Prague.

Guns N’ Roses Keyboardist Melissa Reese and Photographer Kat Benzova Celebrate Their Birthdays!

After that show she got asked to join the band in Spain for an official try out as their in house photographer. But the hand of fate grabbed me by my collar and brought me into this business. You grew up in Central Europe, traveled the world and have lived in America. Which parts of the world would you say have inspired you the most? There is an inspiration behind every corner of every city, country and continent. Life itself is the biggest inspiration no matter where in the world you are. Do you think modeling around the world invoked the passion for traveling and arts in you?

My modeling years were important to me and played a big role in my photography career.

It toughened me up, gave me access to an entirely different world of people that I never would have been exposed to and it gave me a different view on life. When you are constantly surrounded by creative, crazy people you will most likely become one sooner or later. You are surrounded by outside beauty, but that becomes boring after a while. So you start to dig deeper and search for more. I want people to FEEL the music and emotions of the performing artist that is being captured on film.

Would you consider yourself a tomboy?

HTBARP 1 Katarina Benzova: Touring with Guns N Roses and AC/DC

This business is not built for girly girls and you have to show your teeth and horns once in a while to gain respect in a male dominated industry. Get the latest Guns N' Roses News delivered weekly to your inbox!

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